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Mission Statement

E-Volve Moving Pictures Productions is dedicated to breakthrough filmmaking; its task is to combine Old World traditions, style, wisdom, and concepts, with modern types of development, artform, mechanics, and applications. Laurie Lee Goretski, filmmaker and visionary founded EMP Productions in the fall of 1999. With the belief it is the complexity of the craft that demands the most dynamic of backgrounds. At EMP true artistry is not conscience of age, background, or culture; it is the result of a large collaboration of individuals, their experience and patience whom are responsible for the richness of each work. EMP speaks what the individual artist wants to say, giving people what they need.

“The Premiere of The White Room, on Saturday, June 14,
shocked Los Angeles with its visual poetry
and refreshing narrative clarity”

Scott Foundas, LA Weekly Editorial

“Ms. Goretski’s work reminds me of Leni Riefenstahl
…without the swastika”

Nelson Lyon, Writer/Director
Saturday Night Live 81’-85’

“EMP presents groundbreaking concepts which could
have only been pioneered by the unique talent and insight of Laurie Goretski”

Leonard Schrader, Film Writer
Academy Award Nominee

It’s been through these beliefs EMP continues to function, eternally creating noted works for future generations to enjoy. EMP is devoted to constructing new pathways for financing and distribution, as well as handling every aspect of production from pre to post. All formats: 70mm, 35mm, 16mm, HD, DV, and Beta with regard to feature film, film short, television, documentary, experimental, infomercial, commercial, and private industrial.

“Most great films come from strong independents”

Niki Marvin, Film Producer
Academy Award Nominee

“No project too small, no budget too big,
No project too big, no budget too small”

Laurie Lee Goretski, Filmmaker
Festival Awarded

Let us do something brilliant for you. We can open up new avenues and marketplaces with refreshing images and concepts. The hearts and minds of the world shall open to you and your business.
EMP – Evolving the art of filmmaking.

Contact us:

EMP Productions
Phone/Fax 818.547.4292
Alt. Fax 661.263.1302

Laurie Lee Goretski