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Log Line: A businessman trapped in his life is forced to confront his sanity.

The White RooM
Short Synopsis
A Film By
Laurie Lee Goretski

GARY WHITMOORE, (30), goes to sleep and within three days, wakes up in a world separate from the one he knew. A place stark white. A place with no windows, no doors, and no exits. A place he cannot escape, and will never understand, until it's too late.

The White RooM
Long Synopsis
A Film By
Laurie Lee Goretski

GARY WHITMOORE, (30), rests in his bed staring at the ceiling. Gary gets up and readies to perform his normal business day. One sees that Gary’s life is a normal one. As Gary walks down the street he stops to chat with the Newspaperman and continues on to get a cup of coffee and a scone. He stops and replies to everyone, all acquaintances in one-way or another having witnessed Gary’s daily ritual. Gary passes by a church on his way to work and encounters an Evangelist proclaiming the right path. The Evangelist seems to speak directly to Gary and states, “are you the next to seek the wrong path”. Out of nowhere a black sedan pulls up and Three Men in black suits jump out and throw Gary inside the car and knock him out. Gary wakes up inside the white room. The room is stark, nothing visible but white. There is a small cave like structure carved into each wall. Inside the white room are other people, some in rags, some in suits, and others are speaking in tongues. All walk about in circles, paying no attention to Gary. Just then a loud, piercing, bell rings. Everyone in the room scatters and screams, people crowd the caves on each wall. Gary approaches a man, who shouts; “the ceiling is falling”! Gary taps him on the shoulder and he turns around only to be revealed that he is Gary. Gary looks up and the ceiling begins hurtling towards him. Gary wakes up in a thick sweat, panting. He gets up and readies to perform his normal business day. One sees that Gary’s life is a semi-normal one. This time the Newspaperman does not speak with Gary and Gary’s normal coffee and scone order are neglected. Three Men in black suits communicate on radios and follow him down the street. Usual acquaintances are giving Gary horrible looks and pointing out to the men in black which way he was headed. Gary rushes into his office where he is quickly greeted by co-workers. Gary sprints into his personal office when the lovely CLAIRE, (28), enters. Claire asks what’s wrong and reassures him that everything is going to be all right. Gary grabs Claire’s hand and seems relieved when; Claire turns to walk out and says “by the way, these men said they had an appointment with you”. The Three Men rush in and subdue Gary. Gary wakes up in the white room. This time Mad People are speaking to him, chanting science and religion. Gary hears his own voice repeating his earlier interactions with people. He runs through the crowd searching for himself. The bell sounds, Gary finds himself, “what’s happening to me”. Gary answers back with a smile, “Ahhhh, you know…life”. Gary scrambles to get inside one of the caves. Gary wakes up in a thick sweat, panting. He gets up and readies to perform his horrible day. Gary gets ready in lightning speed, seemingly terrifyingly excited. The Three Men in black are now pursuing Gary as soon as he leaves the house. Everything occurs again, except this time, everyone seems against him. But, the Café Owner stands outside her shop with coffee and a scone screaming “Gary”. Gary retrieves the offerings as the Café Owner states “you’ll need these”. The Evangelist screams after Gary to “run and hide they’ll never catch you.” The Three Men in black openly chase Gary when, Claire steps out into the street stopping Gary. Claire says, “honey, are you okay”. The Men in Black catch up to Gary and drag him away. Claire waves good-bye to Gary with a smile. Gary screams to the Men in Black “who are you”. The Men reply “the healers”. Gary breaks free and runs down the street, just then, he confronts himself walking down the street. “Where are you going” Gary asks. “To work” Gary replies. The black sedan comes hurtling into Gary and Gary. Gary wakes up in the white room. This time the bell rings and Gary runs and dives into one of the caves. In doing so one Woman on the edge gets pushed out. She tries to scramble her way back in, but there’s no room. The Woman holds a baby in her arms and as the ceiling hurtles towards her doom, she reaches out her arms and hands him the baby. “Take care of him, his name is-,”she utters just before the ceiling brings her to her death. Gary leans back against the cave wall trembling, while clutching the child and his knees to his chest…

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